Our Founder - David DeCamp

A veteran of the First Gulf War, David DeCamp knows the formula for success and can distill it down to three essential ingredients: determination, hard work, and dedication. After leaving the Army, DeCamp went to work for Southwest Airlines as a Ramp and Operations Manager, gaining new insights and a deeper understanding of businesses, not just how they function, but how they excel. In 2000 he moved to Rhode Island to be with his wife Maureen. Armed with the knowledge he had gained at Southwest and the innumerable hands-on professional experiences he had there, he next became Vice President of Avex Flight Support. In 2003 he started Double D Locks, his own enterprise. The years since have been ones of outstanding growth for DeCamp and his business, which has gone from success to success. In recent years it has expanded its size, services, and reach, adding two new divisions - Double D Security Solutions and Double D Distribution. With its philosophy of hard work, dedication to customer satisfaction, and commitment to strategic problem solving, Double D is poised to become the number one go-to source in New England for locks, security expertise, and state-of-the-art security solutions.